Contact Us

Contact Us


General Information

Blair Taylor, President of Memphis Tomorrow, at or 901-322-8080.

Operation: Safe Community

Rick Masson, Interim Executive Director of the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission at or 901-527-2600.

Growth Alliance / Regional economic development plan

John Lawrence, Director for the Growth Alliance and EDGE Manager for Srategic Economic Development Planning, housed at EDGE, at or 901-341-2110.


Barbara Prescott, Executive Director of the PeopleFirst Partnership, at or 901-507-8953.

Health Shelby

Renee Frazier, CEO, Common Table Health Alliance, at or 901-684-6011.

Government Fiscal Strength

City of Memphis: Jack Sammons, Chief Administrative Officer for City of Memphis, at or (901) 576-6558

Shelby County Government: Harvey Kennedy, Chief Administrative Officer for Shelby County Government, at or 901-222-2050

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